As an Ayurveda treatment, Udvarthanam is something different. Basically it’s an Ayurveda massage therapy not so familiar to everyone. It has a prominent role in Ayurveda massage therapies. It’s a method for cellulite reduction. Udvarthanam is a stimulating massage. It’s very effective and can define as Ayurveda powder massage. Using special herbal powder, this special Ayurveda massage therapy gives you many physical benefits. It’s guaranteed for reducing cellulite accumulations. Udvarthanam, the Ayurveda massage therapy enlarges the outlook exposure of the body. It has the power to improve blood circulation. Udvarthanam is an effective massage therapy which gives shine and smoothness to body skin. Udvarthanam enhance the skin texture and appearance. The over weight of the body would change and it’ll down after Udvarthanam. Fatty deposits of the body will be removed. A mixture of Ayurvedic powders with the thorough exfoliation (very powerful) energizes the blood circulation and effectively break ups the fatty deposits of the body. It has everything. It gives relax by removing excess heat from the body. No doubt, it’s very delightful in every aspect. Udvarthanam definitely enhance the blood circulation. It spreads fresh energy to the whole body especially to the surface of the skin. Udvarthanam gets acclamation as a better Ayurvedic powder massage therapy.

Udhvartanam According to Ayurveda

The word Udvartana is largely used for the most famous body treatment in Ayurveda to lose weight. However if we refer to the classics of Ayurveda we have different types of Udvartana mentioned, which are classified according to their action on the body and the result the Ayurveda physician would like to achieve. Also there is a large misbelief that Udvartana is only used as a treatment to lose weight, whereas Sushruta (Father of Ayurvedic Surgery), divides the Ayurvedic powder massages into three parts: Utsadana, Udgharshana and Udvartana. Utsadana - Here different oils and powders are mixed together to form a paste and rubbed all over the body. These herbal powders and oils exfoliate and enhance the complexion and glow of the skin and are highly rejuvenating;

Udgharshana - This is a treatment where only powders which are dry and rough in nature are rubbed all over the body to induce the same qualities and remove the excess water and earth element (KAPHA). It is mostly used in obesity and diabetic cases. Udvartana - Udvartana according to Sushrata is a body toning program, with application of a combination of prescribed herbal powder and oil on the entire body .It is used in the treatment to reduce fat and strengthen the body, at the same time taking care that the body does not become too rough and dry in the whole process. So as you see according to Sushruta - Udvartana and Utsadana are the same treatments where herbal pastes made of different oils and powders is applied to achieve a specific result. Where as Charaka (Father of Ayurvedic Medicine) gives only the term Udvartana for all the above. Thus as we see above, Udvartana can be used to lose weight, improve skin complexion, de-stress and relax and as a natural full body exfoliation treatment.