Dry eye or Keratitis Sicca is a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. There is generalised decrease in production of tears qualitatively and quantitatively. Our Tears are composed of three layers oily lipid layer, watery layer and mucous layer, problem in any of these layers results in dryness of eyes. Symptoms of Dry eyes : Those with Dry Eyes commonly experience persistent dryness, scratching and burning sensation of eyes, it may sometimes also be accompanied by pain, redness of eyes and irritation. Patient usually have a feeling of a foreign body sensation in the eyes. Some people may even experience sensitivity towards light and blurred vision. Causes of Dry Eyes Syndrome : According to Ayurvedic point of view Dry Eyes is nothing but Vata Prakop in the eyes and related anatomical structure of eyes, along with lack of nourishment to the tissues of the eyes. Diminished flow of tears is the prime cause. It is a natural ageing process especially due to menopause. Also it can be an adverse effect

Tarpan According To Ayurveda

Let us learn about two main Ayurveda eye care treatments – Tarpana and Putapaka, their indication, uses etc. This is the 23rd chapter of Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana, written by Acharya Vagbhata, son of Vaidyapathi Simhagupta. The chapter name is Tarpana Putapaka vidhi Adhyaya. Tarpana and Putapaka refers to two eye treatment methods.

The meat of animals and drugs should be made into balls of size of Bael fruit or of 1 pala (48 grams). The balls should be wrapped in leaves of Urubuka, Vata or Amboja, Smeared with fats, and given a coating of mud. After they become dry, they are placed inside the fire, of wood of Dhava or Dhavana or of dried crow dung and cooked till the balls become fire like red in appearance. After they cool off, the paste of drugs is taken out and juice extracted from it. The juice should be used for Tarpana procedure, as explained above. The juice should be retained for a period of 200 – 300 Matra Kala. 200 for Snehana and Lekhana. 300 for Prasadhana. Juice should be Lukewarm for th Snehana and Lekhana and cold forPrasadana.