Raktamokshana is one of the Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatments or the 5 basic techniques of detoxification. It is made of two words – Rakta i.e blood and Mokshana i.e to leave, and combining both these words makes the word Raktamokshana which means ‘to let out blood’.

Raktamokshana is an effective blood purification therapy, in which carefully controlled removal of small quantities of blood is conducted to neutralize accumulated Pitta toxins of many blood borne diseases. This is because Raktamokshana decreases the quantum of enhanced Pitta dosha and thus the diseases caused by Pitta are also relieved.

Indications of Raktamokshana:
Raktamokshana or the technique of bloodletting Ayurvedic treatment is mainly advised for Pitta dosha (fire body humor) and Rakta (blood tissue) imbalance and toxicity. This is highly effective in diseases like skin diseases, edema, abscess, inflammations, dullness, uremia and pericarditis. At Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre, we have found favorable result with Raktamokshana in Allergies, Skin disorders such as Eczema, Allergic Dermatitis, Tonsillitis and Sciatica. This procedure also decreases the load on the vital organs of heart and liver.

Benefits of Raktamokshana:
It has been specified in Ayurveda text that Raktamokshana Ayurvedic treatment of Panchakarma works both as curative as well as preventive therapy. As in Ayurvedic medicine, the Basti Karma is regarded as partial or even the complete treatment method, similarly in the Ayurveda surgery text, Raktamokshana is considered as the partial or complete treatment in itself.