Janu & Kati Basti

The knee joint is called Janu Sandhi in Sanskrit; hence the name Janu Basti is given to the proceduredone on knee joints. In this the knee joint is bathed with warm medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction. Depending on the condition it can be practiced over both the knee joints or on one knee joint. Knee joints are considered as sandhi Marma in Ayurveda (joint type of vital areas) which measure about three fingers (three anguli pramana).So the janu vasti is specialized knee therapy or massage which rejuvenate the janu marma.

Janu & Kati Basti According to Ayurveda

Modern day man is a representative and essence of evolution. This evolution has been a long journey wherein the primitive man has made a long walk from using stone to using gadgets of highest sophistication. For this the man required to move from place to place in the quest of basic essentials of life. This would not have been possible without effective usage of legs. We can tell that legs of the modern man have been the wheels of evolution.

There are many bony joints which make up the anatomy of the leg. Knee joint is the most important joint in the human body. The easy movements of knee joints make our locomotion easy. We walk on our feet. Our foot is made up of many small bones. It is difficult for the foot to carry our body weight and still function smoothly. Knee joint acts as a filter and filters most of our body weight before it is transferred to the feet. This means to tell that the knee joints are under constant stress as they participate in all our activities throughout the day.