Basti Therapy

Out of the five essential therapies which form the prime actions of the Panchakarmas or the techniques of thorough detoxification and overhauling the body, Basti Karma or the Enema therapy is regarded as the most important in Ayurveda healing. This is because this specific therapy aids greatly in balancing and combating the vitiated Vata dosha or the Air body humor, which alone is responsible for 80 types of diseases and disorders.

What is a Basti?
In the right understanding of the word, Basti means ‘to stay’. Basti is also regarded as the urinary bladder. In earlier times, the bladder of goat was used to give enemas, thus its name. Today plastic enemas and syringes are used to push medicated decoctions viz. medicated oil enemas and cleansing enemas into the intestines of the patient.

Basti Karma – Enema Therapy
Considered as the mother of all treatments, Basti cleanses the accumulated toxins from all the three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, especially the Vata toxins, through the colon. The importance of Basti Karma is that other than providing thorough detox, this procedure effectively balances the Vata dosha. This is much needed because not only does the Vata dosha cause majority of diseases in the human body, yet due to its mobile and erratic nature, the Vata dosha moves the other two doshas viz. Kapha and Pitta from one part of the body to another and thus aids in their disturbance and implementing symptoms in the form of an ailment. It is for this reason that Vata dosha has to be balanced so as to cure the disease as well as stay clear of the same. Basti Panchkarma therapy mainly aids to eradicate the disturbed or aggravated Vata dosha and thus finds its importance.